Archive | January, 2012

New Video Post: Discover Vietnam & Victoria St

To be able to travel abroad, to explore new cultures and to taste different cuisines is one of the most pleasurable and rewarding things in life. After all, what is the point of working so hard if you can’t spoil yourself once in a while?! If you’re like me and looking forward to your next […]

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Grans Sponge with Passionfruit Icing

My Gran was famous for quite a few reasons. She was the star of many theatre productions. She sung the loudest and clearest at church on Sundays.¬†She was able to kill a snake with a shovel, even well into in her eighties. And she made the best sponge cake with passionfruit icing ever. Sadly my […]

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Almost a triathlete…

You can tell it’s the beginning of the year by looking at the embellished¬†headlines about “how to achieve your best body” on the cover of every current women’s magazine! Ah yes it’s new years resolution time so it’s time to cash in on the two – three weeks of the year where people actually try […]

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