Family Easter at Xocolatl

There are not too many families around that can live together, work together, remain productive and fond of each other. I tried working at my dad’s business once and well, let’s just say, never again. Arguably Melbourne’s finest chocolatiers from Xocalatl (pronouced: sho – ko – la – tl), the Partsioglou family, are an exception. Love is in the air when you walk into one of their elegant Xocalatl stores in Canterbury or Kew and you can’t help but fall hopelessly for there handmade coverture chocolates. Balsamic strawberry anyone? Or how about a delicate morsel of white chocolate ganache infused with kaffir lime?

Xocalatl popular Balsamic Strawberry chocolates

Last week I visited the Xocalatl kitchen, which is located at the back of the Kew store, and produces all the product for two stores and wholesale purchases. It’s a crammed, tiny space that sometimes accommodates up to four chocolatiers, it’s no wonder a renovation is on the cards. Despite it being the most hectic time of the year for a chocolatier the dynamic father and daughter duo, Christos and Tina, still managed to share a few of there secrets with me as well as a few laughs.  Master Chocolatier (now there’s an idea for a TV show!) Christos is an accomplished fine artist who began creating artisan chocolates available to the public in 2005, since then his daughter has learnt his craft and joined him in the kitchen. The kitchen team are backed by a hardworking front-of-house team including mum Jenny and daughter Maddy. It really is all in the family!

Christos and Tina - how cute!

The magic of Easter comes alive at Xocolatl, and this year they’ve released a special Art Series – Belgian coverture chocolate eggs that have been designed and hand painted by Christos. Each egg is individual and represents the Partsioglou’s passion for artistry, flavour and creativity.

Hand painting the egg mould...

...the result. White chocolate coverture egg.

There are so many beautiful eggs with incredible attention to detail available at Xocolatle this Easter. This egg below fascinated me, it’s made from dark coverture chocolate lattice. All of the eggs also come in pretty packaging, as well as a “nest” to sit the egg upon. How cute!

Dark coverture chocolate lattice egg

So pretty!

There are many special Easter treats in Xocolatl stores right now just waiting to be given as a gift to your loved one this Sunday. There creations are simply divine and taste even better. Hop to it! x

Xocolatl Kew

Xocolatl Locations:

123 Mailing Rd, Canterbury 

11 Strathalbyn St, Kew East

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  1. Henrique Cepellos
    April 4, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

    I´m from Brazil and known the Partsioglou family for over 10 years now. I can say that I saw Xocolatl born and I feel really happy to see all the success that Chris, Jenny, Tina and Maddy achieved!

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