Melbourne’s Best Test!

Last week I think I had the best week of my life. I put on 1.5kg so that speaks for itself really, but it was all for a meaningful cause. For a week I became Frodo or apparently I did, I have no idea who that is but apparently Frodo is out of Lord of the Rings and was sent on a quest to find something of importance…!

Becoming Frodo...! (Watch the burger video to find out what I'm eating..!)

Each day I was sent on a mission to track down Melbourne’s best Sandwich, Vanilla Slice, Burger, Yum Cha and Fish ‘n Chips by the hilarious and loveable duo Hughesy & Kate from the Nova 100 FM breakfast team. So you can see where the extra 1.5kg may have come from. But there was no way I was going to let weight gain stand in my way of a good time! You see the last time I was sent on a mission by Hughesy & Kate it was to complete a triathlon, I ran 4 kms non-stop and pedalled 10, so I think all that exercise back in March completely cancels out this last week of binge eating, doesn’t it?

So it worked like this, Nova’s lovely listeners called up to nominate their fave place and then I got my Matt Preston on and was sent in to taste test, whittling it down to the best! It was such a pleasure meeting so many friendly faces along the way who were so happy to serve me up their delicious food. Congratulations to all who were nominated, you made my job very tough and my hips that bit wider. Check out my week’s worth of video diaries as I lick, sip, slurp, gulp and gobble my way around Melbourne. Warning: Contains bad jokes, giant fish heads, pop singing and food missing my mouth, naturally.

Day One: Best Sandwich

There is definitely an art to making a great sandwich. It’s all about fresh bread, textural fillings and a good whack of flavour. Windsor Deli smashed it with their Turkey Club (or was it chicken?!)…

Runners Up: Above the Breadline (Moonee Ponds), for their Chicken Snity Sanga loaded with potato, sweet chilli sauce, cheese & lettuce on fluffy white bread.

Day Two: Best Vanilla Slice (aka Snot Block)

Hughesy loves a vanilla slice so much that he would marry one if it were legal. I love vanilla slices so much that I whipped one out in the MasterChef kitchen. Eating a vanilla slice is never a glamorous affair, lucky the final tasting was on-air but someone snuck in and filmed me…Gusto Bakery (Strathmore) took out the title with creamy custard, crispy pastry and divine icing!

Day Three: Best Burger 

Choosing Melbourne’s best burger was always going to be controversial, there are many great buns out there and picking just one isn’t an easy task. The Burger Lounge (Eltham) sealed the deal with their lip-smacking Classic with Cheese, the juiciest patty and all-round yumminess. Huxtaburger (Collingwood) was a very close-runner up with their sweet American-style hipster burger that is so cool that if it were a person it would definitely ride a fixie and wear chinos.

Day Four: Best Yum Cha

Dumplings! Dumplings! Dumplings! Possibly one of the best inventions ever. Melbourne is renowned for its cheap and cheerful dumpling houses and I’ve eaten at a large percentage of them. Even though the cameras weren’t allowed inside Shark Finn House (City), I still got decent service out on the street and their dumplings just sang! Massive shout out to Dumpling King (Box Hill) for their incredible Shanghai pork soup dumplings too.

Day Five: Best Fish n Chips 

It’s Fish and Chip Friday!! My usual experiences at my local F&Cs are stodgy fish and soggy chips but I was blown away by the lightness and crispiness of the batters, buttery melt-in-your-mouth fish and crispy chips at all the places I visited but mostly Hunky Dory (Port Melbourne). I even got stuck into a few dimmies, potato cakes and calamari rings, needless to say this was the day that really tipped the scales because I just couldn’t help but eat FIVE servings. I would strongly advise against this, unless you want pimples to magically appear on your chin.

Runners Up: Captain’s Choice (Forest Hill) Make sure you ask to have a look at the Marlin head!

A massive thanks to Hughesy & Kate for such a fun week doing what I love best – Eating, Laughing and Living! xxx


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  1. Simon H
    June 1, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    Hello Dani,

    I bet those Hamburgers tasted really nice.

    once again great job on your blog.


  2. sally(egy)
    June 20, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    hi Dani I’m really big fan
    keep hard working :D

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