Chan’s Dumpling Festival

I cannot remember a time in my life where I didn’t eat dumplings. When I was young my family were never the type to eat at an Italian or Indian restaurant, if we went out for lunch or dinner, it was always to a suburban Chinese restaurant where garish chandeliers that reflected subtle neon lights hung on the ceiling and deep red and yellow patterned carpets were splayed on the floor. For me Yum Cha is like being part of a theatre production, the waiters push rattling trolleys filled with steaming bamboo baskets of fluffy pork buns, translucent prawn dumplings and more obscure delights. Chopsticks clack, hot jasmine tea is slurped, pale pink table cloths are flung into the air to seat the next hungry diners in line! It’s a welcomed sensory overload for a Sunday afternoon.

This Sunday a new kind of Yum Cha is taking place in the lush surrounds of Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens to celebrate Chan’s Biggest Outdoor Yum Cha and the opening weekend of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Not only will family and friends gather to take part in a delicious dumpling feast provided by Chan’s but there will be an attempt to break the Guinness World Records biggest outdoor yum cha. I’ve heard the current record stands at about 500! I will be there to as host and to share with you a five-course dumpling banquet, plus there are a whole heap of activities for the family to enjoy and Chan’s goodies to take away with you!

Find out more information on Chan’s Biggest Outdoor Yum Cha and celebrate all things dumplings (and dragons) in  with me!

Join me at Chan’s Biggest Outdoor Yum Cha this Sunday!


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