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Live Below The Line

I can almost hear the collective sigh across the country as the weekend is nearing! Hurrah for Friday night drinks, a Saturday sleep in and a relaxing Sunday morning reading the paper and maybe even going out for breakfast? But what if you only had $2 per day to spend? Well, that would buy you […]

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Queen of Puddings

The Brits have bought a few good things, or two, to the shores of Australia. Convicts and colonialists, rabbits and foxes, the common cold and Christianity, but the best things would have to be public holidays and puddings.¬†Let’s be honest, everyone loves a public holiday.¬†Australians love a public holiday so much that they would rather […]

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A Mum for Mothers Day

I’m really looking forward to this Sunday because I’ve become a mother just in the nick of time for Mothers Day. Naturally I’m expecting to be showered with gifts but most likely the only thing I will receive from my new little girl is little deposits of poo on the carpet and maybe if I’m […]

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