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Orange Braised Pulled Pork TACOS! TACOS! TACOS!

It’s raining tacos in Australia and it has been for sometime. Actually it’s more like a fiery storm whipped up in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Mexico and Melbourne, and bought with it thunder, lightning and bucket loads of chipotle chilli, queso fresco, limey mayo and pulled pork ladened tacos. And I’m not complaining about […]

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Dani & Hayden’s Chicken Tostadas

If I could press a magic button and be transported anywhere in the world, the beaches of Mexico, with an icy cold margarita in one hand and a serving of chicken tostadas in the other, would be high on my wish list. Sadly this technology has not yet been invented so I’m just going to […]

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Mexican Corn on the Cob

Mamasita means ‘hot babe’ in Spanish. It’s also the name of the hottest Mexican restaurant in Melbourne and if the corn on the cob they serve up daily was a person, it would surely be the hottest babe ever. As you may have guessed I love corn. Almost as much as I love eggs. Almost. I […]

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